What You Can expect as a client

A Holistic, Whole Life Approach

Your health and fitness affect the rest of your life. And the rest of your life affects your health and fitness just the same. By focusing on the bigger picture aspects of your world, we make lasting changes that takes into account you as a person, beyond what you eat and how you exercise. Without sacrificing your happiness for temporary, short term gain, we create a plan that honors your whole self.

Unlimited Accountability

You can reach me by text, email, Skype, or phone. We talk weekly in order to regularly connect for feedback, planning, and accountability. In between these weekly calls, I'm available for continued support, clarification, and encouragement. By staying connected to both your successes and your struggles throughout the week, we're more easily able to adapt and respond to whatever life throws at you.

Personalized Programming

You get a program built uniquely for you. One that evolves as you grow and adapts as you change. One that takes into account your strengths and weaknesses, and all the beautiful, imperfect things that make you…you. No two artists are alike. No two people are alike. No two fitness plans should be either.

Coaching rates

$149 total per 6-week session

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