Coaching rates

$249 total per 6-week session

What You Can expect as a client

A Holistic, Whole Life Approach

This isn't "Snatched in Six Weeks." This isn't the "Broadway Body Studio." This is the chance for you to take a deep dive into your habits and routines, and come out the other end with a plan that reflects a way of life, and not just a way of getting a six pack in no time flat. We won't  sacrifice your long term goals for short term gains.

Unlimited Accountability

The bread and butter of the program is a weekly, 1:1 coaching call. In between, we regularly check up over text, email, or whatever platform you choose. I encourage my clients to reach out as much as they can - I'm here to be in the trenches with you. Together, we will work to overcome anything that stands in your way and get you the results you deserve.

Personalized Programming

You get a program built uniquely for you. One that evolves as you grow and adapts as you change. One that takes into account your strengths and weaknesses, and all the beautiful, imperfect things that make you…you. No two artists are alike. No two people are alike. No two fitness plans should be either.