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Ryan Morales Green

Brooklyn, NY 11225


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As a health and fitness coach, I aim to help artists and entrepreneurs who are struggling to balance the needs of their careers with their desire to get healthier and more fit. Because I also work as a professional actor in New York City, I understand the difficult, atypical lifestyle required to build a life in the arts. My mission as a coach is to use my continued training in nutrition, fitness, and habit change science, along with my own experiences and lessons learned, to help artists like yourself achieve the health and fitness goals that will level up your life and your career.

Ryan Morales Green


How I Can


Consistency is key.

If there's one constant I believe without a doubt to be true, it is this.

But how can you create any sense of consistency when life is chaotic and uncertain?

By rejecting perfection in favor of process. By listening to your own body and its needs instead of what's trendy or "seems to be working for everyone else." And most of all, by carving your own path suiting you as a unique, spectacular individual. 

A perfect diet. A perfect career. A perfect life. What do these all have in common?

They don't exist.

Society tries so hard to sell you on the perfect abs and the perfect body and the perfect way your life will feel once you starve your way there. Or go low-carb. Or vegan. Or do CrossFit. 

I actually love a well-constructed low-carb diet, a vegan lifestyle, and a stellar CrossFit gym. When it's the right fit for the person doing it. But these societal standards of perfection really fuck you up and cause you to play what I like to call the "compare game." It's this really fun game where you constantly look at everyone around you, identify who is hotter and more successful than you, examine everything they do, and then deem yourself and your wants and your life as "less than."

And then you stop trying to be the best version of yourself by focusing on being a knock-off version of someone else.

And it all comes back to the fear that if you aren't perfect, you'll never be good enough. Hot enough. Talented enough.


And it's a load of shit.

To be truly successful in your health and fitness, you have to work from who you are and what you love. You have to start with acceptance from within - as cheesy as that sounds. And you deserve to not be doing any of it alone.

That's where I come in. As your coach, you can lean on me to help create the best version of you. Not a knock-off version of anyone else. That way, you can not only survive but thrive in this crazy, wonderful industry in which we've chosen to spend our days.