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Ryan Morales Green

Brooklyn, NY 11225


Tel: 212-470-9526

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As a health and fitness coach, I aim to help artists and entrepreneurs who are struggling to balance the needs of their careers with their desire to get healthier and more fit. Because I also work as a professional actor in New York City, I understand the intense pressure involved in our industry. My mission as a coach is to use my own experiences and lessons learned, along with my continued training in nutrition and habit change science, to help artists like yourself achieve the health and fitness goals that will level up your life and your career.

Ryan Morales Green


How I Can


In today's age of the internet, information is plentiful.

But health isn't.

That's because, despite all its advantages, the internet is subtly sabotaging your expectations and your results. 

Find lifelong success with personal health and fitness coaching.

With the wealth of information available on the internet and beyond, it seems like getting fit should be easier than ever. We both know from experience that isn't true. You're driven. You're successful. And yet no amount of cutting-edge diet plans have gotten you where you want to go. This is one part of your life that you can't seem to excel at. Add in the incessant social pressure thanks to incessant social media, and you're left feeling helpless. Maybe you just aren't meant to look and feel the way you want to.

I call bullshit. Because these expectations are the very things getting in your way. The Instagram celebrities and 30-day cleanses make you think that health should be fast and easy. What you need isn't an impersonal internet void telling you how to be. What you need is a real-live person, someone you can trust, who knows you and how to help you make nuanced, meaningful change that has a lasting impact on your life and wellness. 

Let me be that person for you. Trust me with your goals, and I'll take you to the moon and back if that's where you want to go. Because I know that if you've read this far, if you've invested this much time into your health, you are capable of reaching the stars.